The Royals added a much-needed power bat Wednesday by agreeing to terms with free agent first baseman Lucas Duda, the team announced.

FanRag Sports reported the contract is for one year at $3.5 million. Duda launched 30 home runs last season playing for the Mets and Rays, but he batted just .217.

Duda, a lifetime .242 hitter, has hit at least 27 home runs in three of the last four seasons. But he has only played 150-plus games once (2014) during his seven-year career.

Well, it depends on how much you believe what Brady and Alex Guerrero say. The regimen focuses on flexibility and building up small muscles rather than heavy lifting. Brady preaches a diet filled with the most health-intuitive stuff you can find, a good portion of which is oh-so-conveniently available from his website. Lots of water infused with the TB12 electrolyte mixture, lots of protein shakes with the TB12 protein powder, lots of TB12 snacks, and so on.

Brady himself is clearly a paragon of athleticism maintained well beyond the shelf life of a usual athlete, but it’s probably safer to attribute that to his natural gifts than to his cottage industry. You don’t need multiple paragraphs running down how Brady was a freak athlete before the TB12 craze took off. You know how good he was, and still is.

Giants: This is mostly speculation, but here’s the thing: This is a franchise dead-set on completely reversing last summer’s injury-plagued debacle, and there isn’t much certainly past the top three spots in the rotation. Archer would fit nicely into the rotation behind Madison Bumgarner, but logic says if the teams were going to find a way to get Archer to San Francisco, they would have done that as part of the deal that sent Evan Longoria to the Bay Area.

Padres: They brought Eric Hosmer in to be a leader for their young team. Archer fits that same bill, too, and maybe they’re ready to contend by Archer’s two option years.

Rockies: The Rockies have plenty of young, talented starting pitchers who could be very good. Archer, though, would bring a lot more certainty to a franchise that wants to have a playoff experience that lasts longer than one game in 2018. seahawks_117_327518212f9164ec-180x180